Ras malai recipe Indian sweet

Homemade Ras malai indian famous sweet 

2 liter cream milk (for the paneer or chenna)

1 liter for the rabri 

1 cup sugar

2 cups water

1 tbs cardamom powder

1 unit of saffron or kesar

1/2 cup Pistachio 

1/2 cup green raisins 

2 tbs lemon juice
1-to prepare the rabri

Add 1 liter of milk in a heavy bottom pot boil it well until it turns in a creamy texture 
Add saffron and sugar when milk comes to a boil,

Boil until the milk thickens and reduce to half of quantity,set it aside
2-To prepare the chenna or panner 

boil 2 liter of milk in pot add the lemon juice on it and boil, stir it until the milk curdles completely add more Lemon juice on it if needed,


Add cold water to the pot so that the sourness of the lemon will remove and drain it in a muslin cloth,

Squeeze off the excess whay and make a knot,and then hang it for about 20 to 45 mins For the excess whay to drain off,
Then add the chenna in a plate and knead well for 3 minuets until smooth,

Make 15 equal balls or more according to your material and flatten them,set them aside
3-to prepare sugar syrup 
Boil 5 cups water with 2 cups sugar in a boiling pot stir and add cardamom powder,
Now add the dics to boiling syrup and cover it for 5 minuets on a high flame,

Then take off the discs on a flat plate and cool them

Then squeeze them gently between your palms to remove the sugar syrup ,
Add them to the rabri and simmer for 2 minuets that the discs absorb Rabri well,

Garnish with pistachios,chill and serve.
Enjoy this quick and delicious Ras malai recipe at home 😋👍🏻 hope you all like it.


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